Thursday, October 22, 2009

save the date

I'm already experiencing some bouts of insomnia over this wedding, but luckily, it makes me pretty productive. Last night while Mr. D slumbered, I drafted our save the dates in Illustrator. I'm by no means talented with this program, but I do know how to trace with the pen. Here's the first attempt:

I better explain what exactly is going on here.

I wanted to do the ever-popular silhouettes of us, but decided I wanted to up the quirk factor. People that know me, know that I love poodles, big standard poodles. My parents have a real one; I fake it with a ceramic one. Mr. D, on the other hand, is obsessed with cars, particularly foreign-made insanely expensive ones.

So I decided to make silhouettes of the things we love: poodles and Aston Martins. And in terms of first drafts, I quite like this.

How are you saving the date?

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