Tuesday, October 6, 2009

oh, dresses

Before I start the magical series of dress posts, I must say, I have my dress.

Yes, indeed. It's currently living in my parents' guest room. In a box. A very big box.

So while I may write longingly about a particular dream dress, I have mine and there's a very happy ending. So do not fear!

Anyhow, I had started saving images of dresses before I was engaged. I was that person.

I wanted tulle. A hot tulle mess. It's romantic, ethereal, and girly and such a flipping throw back, I had to have it.

However, tulle is not very "in" these days. Mermaid and trumpet gowns are about all you can find at bridal stores. And if they have a tulle skirt, it's covered in rhinestones and beads, straight out of a Bedazzler sweatshop. I wanted simple

Oh, silly silly me.

Did you have a certain expectation for your wedding dress that made things a teense difficult?

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  1. love love love THE dress! I think mermaid dresses are overdone anyways. Rock that tulle.