Tuesday, October 6, 2009

faux make-up trial

I'm doing my own make-up for the wedding and since I can NOT wait to buy the tools, I've started playing with the look. Yes, the wedding is June. No, I don't really care. Because I'm not getting married in this area and because I love any excuse to drop way too much money at Sephora, this decision was simple.

Here's the point where I'd show you my inspiration look. I have one, I swear, I just can't find it online.. But let's just say it's sort of like this. I want to look young - because I am!

Here are the main products I worked with:



I used a sample of Nars make-up primer and some Clinique foundation, plus some mineral powder from the Boots line at Target. After all that, here was the result:

 Looking serious..

Not totally inspiring, not totally awful either. Now, one mistake was that I thought the highlighter could function as blush..um, not really. So next time I will use a peony-hued cream blush that I have and see if it perks things up.  The lipstick is, surprisingly, not as shocking as it is in the tube. I really think the matte tempers the color, to the point where I may pick up a sheer gold lip gloss to layer on top.

Are you doing your own make-up and if so, do you have a major shopping list?


  1. I like this a lot - I think it's a good beginning to achieve what you want... I see where you are going with this now. I love it. it's refreshing and unconventional.

  2. thanks! I think one thing that's really missing is a pair of fake lashes - my eyes might be getting too lost. and more lipstick!