Wednesday, October 14, 2009

more color inspiration, too

Last Christmas Mr. D got me a very appropriate gift.

It's pretty basic information, but gosh it looks pretty sitting on my desk. This is probably where my need to have black in the wedding came from. But then I spied another book, not yet in my collection.

Lovely, yes? The pink of that book cover is such perfection. But wait, there's more!

Trying to properly express my color love, I googled around for a floral pattern I could wreck in Photoshop. At first I made the above. And then I discovered Dorothy Draper wall paper (ok, confession, every time I start tying Dorothy Draper I want to write Betty. ugh)

Again, I fooled around with the pattern in Photoshop, trying to achieve some semblance of a color scheme. There's still too much blue here for my tastes (I want it to be a pop, not a common thread) and I don't think I've hit the peachy hue I want either.

Will I succeed in expressing my wedding color scheme in a single floral pattern? And will I share a simple tutorial of how to manipulate patterns in Photoshop to achieve such a feat? Maybe.

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