Monday, August 2, 2010

love in the bloom: bridal deets

Allow me to set the stage: it was about 2:30 in the afternoon when the photographers arrived at our suite in the Indiana Memorial Union. Our hairs were did, our make-up complete, and we were all lounging about making death stares at the TV. By we I mean my mom and bridesmaid M -- T, because of my inability to understand hairdresser talk, missed her original appointment and was being hustled through back at the salon. Crisis Number One.

Or really Crisis Number Two, because Number One was the weather. The whole week in Bloomington it had been raining. The humidity was high and the weather report suggested more of the same. But as we watched the endless loops of The Weather Channel, our hopes diminished until I got a text from a friend: "Radar looks great!" With that vote of confidence from someone not utterly hell bent on having an outdoor wedding, we made the call to have it all outside!

So there I was, lounging, as I said, and secretly nibbling on gummi bears. I have evidence.

I already had on my feather hair piece, from Sweetpea and Fawn. I also had the courtesy to match the room's wallpaper.

Of course all of my other pretty things were ready for their big moment too.


As I sat there, chowing down on gummies, the moment was drawing closer and closer: putting on the dress.

All photos by Heidi with Our Labor of Love