Saturday, August 29, 2009

everyone loves a mood board part 2

After my first attempt at being inspiring, I thought I should try focusing myself on a particular aspect of the wedding.

I started with the flowers since I'm pretty sure of those: pink peonies. Natch.

The super convenient part of this is being able to send it to the florist. I haven't even hired one yet, but since I'm planning at a distance, my little flower board might just be a great tool for explaining what I want.

But something magical happened on the way to making this board: I discovered the Style Circle of Style Me Pretty. I've been reading the blog since I got engaged in May 2008 and Abby, the blogger, has always created the most lovely inspiration boards. I guess she decided to spread the love because her site now features a board application! So from now on most of my boards will be from the Style Circle, which is tres convenient.

Without further ado, the flower board:

Summer wedding flowers

everyone loves a mood board part 1

So the very in thing to do when you're planning a wedding is create a mood board. This is very unfair: with the amount of gorgeous images lurking on wedding blogs, I become pretty paralyzed when it comes to choosing a..mood.

I know the primary color will be pink. I know it's going to be girly. But beyond that I really struggled to make any real decision. So here's my first try:

I think it's a little vague since I haven't truly settled on a color palette yet. Did you make a mood board when you first started planning? Was it actually helpful?


This is indeed a blog about my wedding.

I live in DC, but I'm planning a June 2010 wedding in Indiana. I'll be making some sad attempts at DIY, among other things.

I've hired the important vendors and I have a dress (it's lovely!). But there's still much much much to do in the next 10 months.