Thursday, October 8, 2009

how we got here

Mr. Ribbons and I met in May at the end of my third year of undergrad. It was going into the summer term and I had been accepted as an opinion columnist on the college paper. He was the opinion editor. Scandalous!

After some gchat flirtations, we started dating. We weren't attached at the hip that summer because he was finishing courses to graduate, but it was just sort of lovely being with someone that was on the same level as me. I had come out of a relationship with someone who had major commitment problems, so it was nice to learn from that and be a better person for Ribbons.

By July we started to plan a trip, where I would drive back with him to Maryland and fly back to Indiana in time for the fall semester. I think it was then that we were starting to acknowledge we saw a future in the relationship. Two semesters later, he flew in for my graduation (there were visits in between don't worry!)

I won't pretend that the proposal was a surprise, a shock, or anything like that. I helped pick out the ring - I'll share that story later - and pretty much knew he would ask sometime before I moved to DC. However, I didn't expect him to get too excited and ask me the night before I graduated, when we were in bed! (It was very g-rated, worry not).

It's not an amazing proposal story and it's a little embarrassing to tell to family. So we lie. Yes. We tell people he proposed at this gazebo on campus.

Sometimes, after being plied with alcohol, the truth may slip out of me with a lot of giggling. I think the real story is very us -- we're tragically lazy. But compared to all of the amazing proposal stories in the blog world, it seems..quaint.

Have you ever embellished your proposal story?

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