Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the mighty dress search, part 4

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The tally on dresses that were just beyond, in the immortal words of Rachel Zoe? 2.

I wasn't ready to give up still. I had the J.Crew and it was fine. But I knew there was a whole world made of tulle out there and I just needed to find its discount aisle.

Again, bless the blogs. I was just doing my normal reading when Miss Perfume of Weddingbee mentioned one of her sample dress sources:

I combed the entire site for the Two, but they weren't there. After reading a description of another Vera though, there was hope: it was from the Vera Wang store in Chevy Chase, i.e., where I found the marvel of perfect poof. I signed up for the email notifications and then largely forgot about it.

A few weeks later an email appeared. New Designer Styles, it said. I looked around the office for hoverers (we don't have cubes, shudder), and followed the link. I clicked over to the Vera Wang section and scrolled down ever so slightly... what is this? MY dress?

And the price! A MERE $300 more than the agreed-upon dress budget (and nearly 1,000 cheaper than the store)?

I frantically called my mom. She needed to think. I went home absolutely delighted/ecstatic. The next morning she said it was obvious, as long as I agreed to pay the difference. I returned the J.Crew dress that weekend.

Unfortunately I have no pictures of me wearing it - when I visited my parents last month, I didn't think to take a picture, which saddens me. Boo.

Did you go to great lengths to find the one?

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