Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the mighty dress search, part 3

Part 1
Part 2

So there I was, owner of a J.Crew wedding gown I didn't love. At some point during this saga, my parents visited DC. But first, let me come clean:

I went to Vera Wang a few weeks after Saks. I asked to see their sample gowns and said my budget was $3,000 (fearing I wouldn't be shown anything for less than that). Amazingly enough, dresses existed in that range, albeit a range I couldn't realistically afford.

So I tried on these two dresses.

Obviously we can conclude which one I was smitten with. It was $2700. A little bit too much.

Thus when my parents were visiting to look at cherry blossoms, I dragged my mom over to the store. She agreed it was perfect and there was a brief time, maybe 30 minutes or so, where we all seriously considered purchasing it. But then we all started thinking rationally again and that was that. They left and I was Vera-less but not dress-less.

Did you have second thoughts about the dress you bought?

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