Monday, October 12, 2009


When we started discussing the possibility of getting married, I jumped right into ring shopping. After quickly realizing the price of diamonds, I switched tracks to gemstones.

A brief caveat: it really wasn't about blood diamonds and being green - that's just how it turned out. But those are two bonuses of getting an estate ring.

Meet the aquamarine. It's a charming little gemstone that happens to look great with baby diamonds. And you can get 4+ carats for the price of .25 carat diamond. Yeah I went there.

It's been 1.5 years since we did this research and shopping so I don't remember every detail and ring I looked at. So instead, I'll share my sources!

This site has an enormous amount of estate jewelry, especially aquamarines.

You can find a nice variety of new designs that feature gem stones, like this pretty thing:

Not much suspense, but this is where Mr. Diorable eventually bought my ring. Oh yes, we bought my engagement ring off the internet. We're those people. 

The service was ridiculously good. They didn't have exactly what I was looking for featured on the site, so be sure to ask them what else they have - that's how I found my ring. The shipping went off without a hitch, but that was not the mark of their great service. About a month after I moved to DC, I was loading something into the trunk of our car and somehow smashed my ring. A prong bent and the stone fell out.

Word. The stone fell out. I eventually found the stone (hooray) but the ring looked truly mangled. We called Bela Dora, explained the situation, and they fixed the ring for free. Yay.

So without further ado, my engagement ring:


Did you get an unusual ring in an unusual place?

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