Wednesday, October 28, 2009

putting the mini on the moon

In terms of our budget, we're reaching the end. My parents are contributing a significant amount (the majority) and are within their own set budget, which is fabulous. But there are things we felt we needed to pay for as a couple and unfortunately, we underestimated a few of them. This leaves our honeymoon in a bit of a limbo.

Since we're getting married in June, tropical beach locales aren't going to be so refreshing - they'll be humid and hot. We originally wanted to do an all-inclusive in Mexico, but with the lack of funds and the potentially oppressive weather, we're going to save that trip for the winter. We're disappointed, but going to the beach in the middle of January feels sooo much better than going in June.

So instead, we're figuring out a minimoon. We'll take three or four nights, relax, but not spend nearly as much. One of my favorite contendors is Palm Springs, at the Ace Hotel. It's not quite the beach, but the desert might just do!

The Ace Hotel is actually a converted Howard Johnson motel, in the desert, with a boho vibe. Looking pretty swank!

The idea is to save our super-luxe honeymoon lounge on the beach all day experience until the big one next winter. So we may rough it in Palm Springs. We still have other options to explore, though, and I'll definitely be sharing them!

Are you considering doing a mini-moon?

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