Friday, October 16, 2009

get that man a suit

When we started discussing suiting for Mr. D, "investment" was a term thrown around a lot.  We both agreed it should be pretty classic, black, and tailored to perfection. We envisioned something so exquisitely crafted, it could be a tux substitute.

Well then we realized our budget was a little more conservative, that the wiggle room we built in for this kind of purchase got wiggled out for other vendors. So the new quest was to get something under $500.

We went to a Nordstrom suiting department just to get a lay of the suit land. We got really valuable and free advice: Mr. D should be wearing a smaller sized jacket. Hooray.

So last week I got the email from J.Crew: 20% off your entire purchase. Stirred to action, we started looking over the options at J.Crew. The cuts are classic, the wool is a nice quality, and the price with the discount was something I could deal with. Mr. D ultimately opted for the Ludlow in black.. and it arrived today!

(Please disregard his shirt and tie - I made him put the suit on when he got home from work, poor guy couldn't even put on a real shirt)

It still needs to be tailored and he will perhaps tie his shoes on the wedding. Picture it with french cuffs and a satin black tie. Total snazz.

Did you opt to buy a suit or do you have other plans?

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