Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the mighty dress search, part 2

Part 1

No, of course I wasn't getting my dress that easily.

The seller became slow to reply and eventually admitted she wanted to keep the dress. I was heartbroken. But determined to find THE dress and completely bitten by the designer bug, I looked at my options.

This became my addiction. Everyday I'd check under Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera, and Oscar de la Renta for new gowns.

Another site with used gowns, I'd check it weekly.

A month or so passed of obsessively checking these sites and I needed even more options. I was opening up the field to vintage. Vintageous became another mainstay of my browsing at work, except the really fab dresses sold out lickety-split.

I was getting antsy. Nothing was crying out to me. So I considered the old standby: J. Crew.

Enter Fontaine. I think the style has been discontinued at this point, but I saw potential. With some great accessories and perhaps a monster head piece, this could be chic.

I went to the nearest J.Crew and asked about ordering it. They said they would have it shipped to the store so I could try it on and see if I liked it (no charge). Wow. That's some amazing customer service.

After about a week the dress was at the store. They called me and I went to try it on. It wasn't an OMG LOVE moment, but I kept rationalizing to myself how I could make it work. And the price was within my ideal budget of 1500. So I bought it.

o hai old studio apartment

Perhaps not the best decision.

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