Friday, October 9, 2009

dorothy draper

Lovely, clear colors have a vital effect on our mental happiness.
- Miss Dorothy

Obvious statement of the day: I love pink. It's endlessly cheerful, pretty, sometimes even a little ridiculous. While I knew I wanted pink to be the main color of the wedding, I also knew I wanted to pair it with something to make it feel a little more unexpected.

I don't know when I stumbled upon Dorothy Draper's interiors, but it was love. Serendipitously, she is also a purveyor of pink.

So what about her interiors are so inspiring?

Stripes! This is actually one of her more subdued rooms, but the stripes are whimsical and striking. I have plans for stripes in the wedding invitations.

This is a great room for one major reason - pattern mixing. We have oversized stripes, a patterned carpet, and a floral couch. And do I spy some hot pink in the background?  Oh my yes.

Seeing these images helped me arrive at my current palette. Blush pink, hot pink, black, gold, and an accent of aqua. Gold and pink is so very vintage glam, but the aqua keeps things lively. It also matches my ring!

Did you happen upon your color story in an usual way or place?

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