Friday, January 29, 2010

sweet containers

Candy buffets are something I've never personally seen in action at a wedding, but think are so completely awesome. I have a huge sweet tooth, so the idea of taking home a sweet treat from a wedding is a little too good to pass up.

My catering package already has a provision for a Viennese table, which will mostly contain chocolates, cookies and coffee. You'd think I'd just let the buffet go there, since I will have plenty of yummy snacks available? No, of course not! The buffet is a great opportunity to stress myself out!

The first thing I did was get a rough estimate of how much candy I would need. Assuming an attendance rate of 50, the prevailing wisdom of the internet said at least 1 pound per person, which sounded like a lot. I continued to research the subject, finding anecdotes that either said the buffet was a huge hit and was wiped out or that the bride was left with pounds and pounds of candy afterward. I'm theoretically not opposed to leftovers, but I probably won't be able to afford a new wardrobe for a while after the wedding either.

Ignoring all of that, I went out to buy some containers. I bought the following items with absolutely no idea with what I'd fill them: two white appetizer platters and two glass jars with lids. The appetizer platters were $3 each and the jars were $12 each. I plan to keep all of these for our house after the wedding.

 The inspiration images I had were from Amy Atlas. I love how highly stylized her buffets are.

Fantastic, yes? I particularly love the rock candy and giant jars of yum. 

What do you think of candy buffets?

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