Sunday, January 3, 2010

honeymoon: booked

We just booked our honeymoon.

We'll be spending four nights at the Viceroy Palm Springs. It's not going to be a two week odyssey in Thailand or something equally exotic, but I'm ecstatic. I adore Hollywood regency and love the idea of spending a few days poolside in such a glamorous spot. We've already picked out a few spa menu items we want to do and my fiance is fast at work finding savory restaurant spots.

The reason we decided not to go with the Ace Hotel was just a matter of price. The Viceroy was significantly cheaper and seems a lot more luxe, even though I do love me some midcentury modern.

We're thrilled and I can't wait to start shopping. I passed up some amazing Balenciaga sandals yesterday but I may be going back for them right now..

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