Saturday, January 9, 2010

free return shipping: the ballad of shoe shopping

With my first fitting in a mere two weeks, it was time to order some shoes. My specifications were:
  • black satin, because I'd like to perhaps wear them again
  • low heel or a high heel with an ankle strap - my feet fall out of heels otherwise
  • pretty
  • under $150
So I was looking for a black satin shoe, which really shouldn't be difficult considering it's BLACK, right? I'm apparently very picky, because it wasn't.

I only found one shoe out of millions at Zappos that I liked.

 It's black, on sale for $102, has a weird feather poof that I'm apprehensive of, but also has the needed ankle-keeper. Oh wait a second, this shoe is a little familiar..

Of course! It's a Louboutin knock-off. Hooray.

Then I had a bit more luck on Endless.

I ordered this one in black as well. The pink was excruciatingly cute, but unavailable. I know it violates my high heel=ankle strap rule, but I felt I could make an exception for a mule. And let's just admit it, it's also a blatant rip off of a Louboutin heel. I have expensive taste with a small salary, what can I say.

The last shoe I ordered was something a bit more traditional/classic, and god bless it, with a low heel.

I should be receiving all of these early in the week, so expect a mini shoe review then. Hopefully I can stand to wear one all day for dancing. Eek.

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