Tuesday, January 5, 2010

bridesmaids revisited

I've hinted to the bridesmaids dresses a lot, but I've never properly posted on the subject. Here's the recap.

I'm having two bridesmaids for my wedding. One is my childhood best friend, we'll call her M, and the other is a gal also from my hometown and a roommate in college, T. M lives in Indy. T lives in London.

So I have two bridesmaids who live on different continents and have different fashion sensibilities. T is trendy/bohemian and M is more classic all-American. I thought I could make this easy on them by saying "go find a dress you like in a shade of light-ish pink!" Surely I was being progressive and would be completely loved by all.

Apparently finding a light pinkish dress is not so easy. There are many shades of light pink at various stores and some are less appealing than others. Realizing that I'm already being a cruel bride by choosing light pink as their dress color, I should just put the girls out of their misery and choose an option myself.

Ha! It's impossible. A dress under $200 that is flattering and a little fashionable doesn't exist, I think. Or at least in my colors.

After much whimpering and whining, I changed their dress color to a bright alpine green. Hooray. (If you recall, I resisted green at first until I found a suitable shade). Both of my bridesmaids turned out to be thrilled by this color, which makes me very happy.

Now, the dresses are being made. A seamstress in Indiana will charge about 40 per dress, which is cheap. We just need to buy the fabric and she can work from a photo.

Well, the fabric. Last week I stopped in a really amazing fabric store out in the burbs. It had Juicy Couture fabric, for instance! They had some really beautiful silks in a wide range of colors, including my particular green, but get this: 50/yard. Yikes. So I have to find some tissue taffeta on the cheap.

But what, pray tell, are the designs for the girls?

For the boho chic T (and this is the accurate shade of green):

And for M, the classic, this:

How did you negotiate a small bridesmaid budget but a big love for fashion?

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