Sunday, January 10, 2010

save the dates have landed

We mailed the first batch of save the dates this weekend, which oddly made the wedding feel very real. Oh sure, I have a wedding dress in my closet and thousands of dollars floating around in the form of deposits. But for some reason, these little cards printed at Kinkos feel like the most official thing we've done.

So they're not perfect. They were printed on 90lb card stock, two to a letter-sized page. I used a rotary cutter at Kinkos to give the cards a full bleed effect, but unfortunately, my little measurements were off for some cards and thus some patterns look a bit different. I really didn't care though. This was not something worth stressing about.

I have no cute picture of the save the dates with their envelopes because that was something I also didn't care about. I used plain white (not even nice paper!) envelopes. They are not lined. It would be like showing you a piece of ordinary mail, which would really look a bit sad.

The only reason I thought save the dates were remotely necessary was the fact Bloomington is at least three hours away from most guests. Now, I could've easily sent an email to let people know. But I wasn't about to pass up an opportunity to design something!

My save the dates aren't perfect. But for $27 and a few hours on the computer, I'm fine with them.

Are you a perfectionist when it comes to DIY?

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