Friday, January 29, 2010

"i ordered twine."

Once in a while, my fiance will go through our account to clean it up and make sure everything is in the right category. Sometimes it tells us we spent $15 on rent and $6000 on restaurants, so things need to get re-organized!

Today he was doing just that and asking about uncategorized charges. He was just listing things off when he asked about a paypal charge for $18. This was my response:

"I ordered twine."
Indeed, I had ordered twine. $15 twine. He immediately started laughing at me and then quickly labeled it as "wedding." I felt pretty embarrassed, since it was twine, but it's actually exciting stuff!

I'm planning on using it to tie together our invitations, but it'll probably make an appearance on the programs and perhaps in my other DIY projects. I ordered it here.

Have any of your wedding purchases embarrassed you?

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