Wednesday, January 6, 2010


On my bus ride to work today, I found an email from my mom waiting in by inbox. She is a bit technologically challenged, so every time I get an email from her unprompted, I'm amazed. She obviously has something against paragraphs and the space bar, but some things just can't be helped.

Anyways, it's really cute, so I thought it was worth sharing, in abbreviated form.

"Colleen, I have been doing some thinking about the reception.  [...] i think that we need to make a decision. I have also been agonizing over this, wondering if there is some wow-factor setting that we have been overlooking. But, we need to keep this in perspective. The most important part of this event is that you are going to marry a great guy and that you are going to have a wonderful life together,it does not matter if you get married in the back yard.And since we are not rich, we do have to stay within a budget. So, we will never be able to give you the lavish dream  wedding And, we don't even have very many relatives! So, I think you just need to take a deep breath and pick a room and get on with the planning.     we are probably going to have a great time,whichever room we choose. And if we don't have to go into debt over this ONE day,we will all be in better shape to enjoy the rest of our lives together."

Isn't that adorable? And true!

What keeps you grounded during wedding planning?

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