Tuesday, January 5, 2010

cake fiending

The first and only tasting we did for the wedding was the cake. I'm not really that into meals, but I'm very enthusiastic about dessert, particularly cakes.

So when the caterer called to ask what I wanted to taste all I said was white buttercream frosting. Fondant might look real slick, but it tastes like ehhh. Other than that, I had no clue.

When we arrived there were two mini cakes waiting for us: a chocolate cake with fudge filling and white buttercream frosting and a vanilla creme with almond filling and cream cheese frosting.

This was in my pre-blogging days so I didn't take any pictures. But the vanilla creme was ah-mazing. It wasn't soggy, but it was moist. The frosting had that nice cream cheese bite, which is divine. We were in love with a cake flavor.

Since deciding on the flavor, I haven't had tremendous luck finding a cake design. I knew I wanted it to be round and fairly simple, maybe a little home made-looking. But since we're only going to have about 50 guests, an extravagent multi-tiered cake was just out of the question.

So I started to think about texture. Swirly frosting perhaps? Topped with my sad in-progress cake topper?

I'm thinking yes.

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