Tuesday, December 1, 2009

wedding blogs

I've finally realized something: wedding blogs are evil.

They're self-perpetuating cesspools of self-doubt and self-consciousness. We pull from our google searches images of "real weddings" worthy of magazine spreads that we use as inspiration for our weddings. Then after surrounding ourselves with these carefully cropped and curated images, we feel pressured to make our weddings look like the magazines. Not only that, we have to be even more creative, or attempt to be, because we can't just straight up copy shit. We think about detail shots.

Oh, detail shots. Perhaps the most evil thing to come out of wedding blogs. You need detail shots because you just spent the last 16 weekends making tissue poms, garlands, headpieces, galoshes from yarn, freaking everything for your wedding and you want to document it. And then you post your detail shots, making every bride reading your blog feel pretty worthless for not having the ingenuity and gumption to harvest the cruelty free yarn and darn their own brightly colored booties for the one picture where she holds up her dress.

You have to have that picture, otherwise you just dropped $500 bucks on your Loubs for really no reason, because no one can see your silly shoes.

And that is the cruelty of wedding blogs. At least wedding magazines have the decency to fill their pages with photo shoots, obviously fake and unattainable. Even their real weddings are the products of former Martha Stewart editors getting married, so really, no guilt there. But what wedding blogs do is say these perfectly detailed weddings are possible and attainable -- which is such a bitch move.

From my very unscientific experience reading wedding blogs, the brides that crash and burn (i.e. have a miserable wedding day) are the ones that DIYed it to the teeth and carefully controlled every aspect of the wedding. I also think the happiest wedding day brides are destination weddings -- they have so little control going in that they seem to just take it all in, imperfections and all.

I'm sure there are DIY brides that are happy with their wedding day. And I will continue on my merry way, feeling compelled to make shit. But maybe, just maybe, this indie bride scene is just as toxic as the mass market weddings peddled on TLC.

So I'm sticking with two mantras: my wedding is not a photoshoot and no ideas are new. My guests don't read wedding blogs. Everything I do will be AMAZING to them. The vendors can suck it if they've seen it all a million times before. I am paying those bitches, after all.

What are you doing today that makes other brides feel lazy, style-starved, or otherwise crappy about themselves?

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