Sunday, December 20, 2009

hair today, bun tomorrow

I think I figured out my hair, finally. Let me address something first: I have no hair trial. Well I'll have a trial a day or two before the wedding, but nothing that would afford me the ability to hate my stylist and find someone else.

The point is, I really want to keep things simple. Nothing elaborate that would invite disaster. So I'm leaning towards this:

With a big ole plate of bangs, of course. I love high updos, for whatever reason, so I love the poofy bun. Balletastic and elegant.

Unfortunately this is all a big tease, because you literally won't see a resolution till I have pro pics back. Or if I feel particularly generous and snap something on my phone. Sorry.


  1. This is a very chic, and fun look. It looks like it's from JCrew website. Is it?

  2. I found it in a hair gallery, though I can definitely see this being from J.Crew!