Tuesday, December 1, 2009

mom = naysayer

I just emailed my mom some PDFs of my invitation drafts, which included the ceremony card and reception card. She commented that our names were awfully large and she didn't know what "twirling and swirling to follow" meant.

Well. I take it quite personally whenever this lady criticizes me (huge character flaw, I get it). But when she dislikes my print design, holy moly.

If someone doesn't get twirling and swirling, they can look at the next card and realize there's a reception following the ceremony! And if someone is offended by 20 pt names, well, why would anyone be offended by 20 pt names?

Sure, I could just give in and print "reception to follow" and make our names teensy because they're too obnoxious or whatever. BUT I DON'T WANT TO.

I have this thing called a vision. Maybe it seems a little wacky to my parents, but I PROMISE once things are printed they would get it.

Old people.


  1. haha I found your blog on weddingbee while searching for Indiana brides. This reminds me of my mom. A TON! I have things planned that she just doesn't "get". We'll see how that goes!