Sunday, December 20, 2009

bling: required

My wedding day accoutrements are slowly piling up. My first stop was, naturally, Etsy.

I was looking for something shiny and perhaps a little vintage. Since my dress has so much crap going on, I've decided to play down my accessories quite a bit.

So I started with the hair. While I would've liked to get something like this:

Or this:

..They're both completely out of my budget and over the top for my look. If I were wearing my original dress, these would be great. However, I am wearing a poofball.

Thus my more subdued choice:

It's from an Etsy seller called Loley's & Co,who has a really great assortment of what I think are recycled vintage pieces. Don't be fooled, that rhinestone is HUGE. So not totally subdued..

Anyways, the pin wasn't the only thing that caught my eye.

I also ordered these. I adored how large the rhinestones were, as always, but I wasn't so sure about the danglies. Nonetheless, the price was right and I decided it was good to have options.

Then today, I found these while shopping.

Again, they're enormous. But I think I prefer the studs and how the shape recalls my giant round hair pin. I'll bring both to Bloomington in June. Hooray, feeling more bridal by the minute. Or credit card transaction.

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