Thursday, December 3, 2009

death to chignons

My current wedding hair muse is Zooey Deschanel and it's all in her bangs.

 I've had the blunt bangs off and on since 2003. Yes, way before all of the hipsters. For serious. When they were still showering and such and hadn't discovered v-neck t-shirts or Ray Bans..

Currently I'm in an off stage -- my last haircut was in my parents' town and the girl just didn't quite understand my directions, so I pinned my bangs to the side out of spite. Now they're way too long and silly.

But still. Mostly six years with bangs. My ideal was always, from the beginning, to have stick straight LONG hair with the blunt bangs, like GaGa, who clearly stole it from me. Unfortunately my hair has a natural wave and I didn't have the tenacity to fully grow my hair out past my shoulders, so I never really made it past, oh, mousey. 

Yet here I am - hair definitely past my shoulders and six months till the wedding. I had a nightmare the other night that I cut it all off into a bob and I woke up in a sweat. The cat was also on my head. It was some sort of unintelligible sign: Keep thy hair.

So Zooey and her bangs. I love her little boho updos. Every other hollywood starlet does the sidesweep bang/no bang option, mostly because it's universally flattering. There is also something very youthful, classic, and ballet-tastic about off the face hair. And still, it conflicts me. I like my history with bangs. I kind of like that it would date me. I'm very much a product of the aughties (can you honestly believe the decade is over? we're so old) and thus inclined to embrace the bangs that took me everywhere.

From the beginning I've wanted to look like me, not a Mary Kay washout. I'm tired of being told to look "classic." My big ole bangs are my classic standby.

Toodles, off the face chignons!


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