Tuesday, December 22, 2009

mother sometimes knows best

If you recall, I changed my color scheme considerably. I'll explain why...now.

My mom is a naysayer. At first I thought she was all about my pink-gasm of a wedding. This was not the case. At first she merely repeated what bridal store consultants told her. "The bridesmaid should wear the bright pink color!" "Olive would look better with an ivory dress." "Your daughter is a moron." Etc. Then, she grew the ovarian fortitude to say for herself she didn't lurve the idea of light pink on bridesmaids, that they'll look like crap, and so on. I got defensive, I got angry, maybe even a little.. monster-like, I don't know.

As an aside, you know how when you get pushed into a corner to like something and so you automatically blurt out you hate it? Yeah I said I hated green. A few times. I mean, I do intensely dislike the pink/green combination. It's too preppy, in that very un-cool georgetown way (sorry g-town, but you have no street cred).

Well then. I started over. I looked at the non-wedding images I clipped in the beginning that inspired me. Dior. Draper. Draper. Dior. In both images there was this striking green - bright alpine mayhaps? - and it made me wonder, (I'm carrie bradshaw now) was green part of the lovegasm that will be my wedding?

Bright alpine, bright alpine..where have I heard this made up color before? J.Crew of course! So I took to the internet with my fingers a tapping, nay, SLAMMING toward the jcrew address and there, in all of its bright alpine glory, were the bridesmaid dresses. No, not my bridesmaid dresses. Just some dresses. I was validating my color choice, ok?

So it was finished. Green was in. I sampled more colors from the Dior and Draper photos. The palette grew. Except the blue was a little off and it took a trip to kate spade and a creepy fiance to figure it out.

Where does this leave me? Well, I won't be so quick to hate on my mom for being right, still, after 23 years of this shtick. Green isn't quite the hateful color I imagined. Maybe weddings are the perfect time to learn to compromise with your mother, because your fiance really doesn't give a sh*t what the palette is. Because he doesn't know what a palette is. Poor ignoramus.

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