Monday, December 28, 2009

the wedding meta list of doom

With the wedding being a mere 5+ months away, I realized I needed to make a new list: Crap To Do.
It’s divided into:
  •  Actions. Things like sending final deposits, getting a marriage license, etc
  • DIY.
  • Shopping List.
So far the scary things are my shopping list and DIY. Let’s take a looksee at the DIY list.
  • Cake topper. Amazingly, this has been started. I’m stuck because I need two items to continue with it and it’s annoying as hell to get to a craft store here. Once I do finish (hopefully very soon), I will post the tutorial.
  • Garlands. I’ve pretty much figured out what types of garlands I want (there will be several, eek), but I do need to put together a final list of materials. (It’s a mix of tissue balls and plain old balls. Balls!)
  •  Jeweled headband. Not anymore!
  • Programs. Designed, just need to tweak text and construct. Ha, the easy part!
  •  Invitations and Save the Dates. Designed, for the most part. Printing needs to happen. Then assembly, woo.
  • Hang-y thing for table. Oh yes, I’m specific. I have one idea involving ribbons, but no clue how it will turn out once executed.
  • Seating chart and cards. Um. 
  • Photo display of sorts. I love the look of photos on a clothesline, but that doesn’t seem like something Dorothy Draper would approve of. Will brainstorm, may abandon.
  • Photobooth backdrop. I haven’t decided if I’ll fauxtobooth this or plunk down the moola for a smilebooth. However, I will for sure have some sort of undetermined background.
  • Candy buffet crap. If I’m not insane by April, I’ll try this.
That’s the DIY list. I’m so disturbed by it. The shopping list, however, is scarier, simply because of the implied costs!
  • Shoes. Checking DSW this week and if that fails, will be doing an ordering blitz from Zappos.
  • Veil. Ugh.
  • Underthings. Waiting to see what my seamstress will suggest/hoping my regular ole strapless bra works.
  • Glass urns, goblets, footed bowls, etc. For the reception centerpieces.
  • Candy buffet crap. See above.
  • Honeymoon. Ha. Hahahaha.
  • Formal shirt and tie for my fiancé, plus bright/fun socks, & cufflinks. Boy stuff.
  • Sheet music for ceremony.
I'm sure I'm missing a ton of stuff, but these things alone make me wonder why I spent Saturday watching all of True Blood season 1.

Note to self: when overdosing on a TV series, craft at the same time.

How's your big giant anxiety-inducing wedding list coming along?

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