Thursday, February 25, 2010

the ring that will not be

We know I have a pretty unhealthy obsession with Dior. Well last week, the impossible happened: I mustered up the courage to enter the Dior store in Chevy Chase.

Either I don't know how to operate doors or theirs were locked, because I had to rattle the door for a second before being let in. I thought they weren't going to let people like me in.

I entered mecca. A choir of flouncy-skirt angels sung in my head, "j'adore!" But I quickly told the saleswoman I was there for the fine jewelry. I was on a mission.

Oh my dears, yes, yes, I was. You see, I've been lusting after a particular Dior ring for my wedding band.
Oui! It's white gold and magical. And rad. 

It also retails for $675.

This particular store only had the all-diamond version, so I tortured myself and tried it on. I loved it, desperately.
Though its sparkly-ness was fantastic, I knew I preferred the simplicity of the white gold version. I was told I could call anytime and the ring in my size would be overnighted. It was that easy.

Well, no it isn't. You see, I'm insured through my fiance's work as a domestic partner, because the health insurance premiums at my job are extremely expensive. We weren't aware, however, that domestic partner benefits are considered taxable income (and another reason DOMA needs to be repealed). Therefore my fiance's tax bill this year is high. Like the price of my precious oui ring high.

We have a lot to be thankful for -- we're not in debt because of the wedding and we'll get by, even with an unexpected and enormous bill. But something has to give somewhere and unfortunately, that would be my ring.

I'm pretty bummed. I have been thinking about this ring for months, but it's still just a ring.

Have any unforeseen circumstances thrown off some of the things you wanted for your wedding? Did you try to make it work anyway?

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