Wednesday, March 3, 2010

unveiling the veil

Where veils are concerned, I don't have a clear vision at all. The only veil I've ever worn was my communion veil, which I will admit was pretty exciting as a third grader. Still, having no veil ideas, I gathered up my options.

At first I was really enamored of the look of dropped veils; they're so romantic. But since I'll be wearing my bangs down, I don't want a smooshed-bang situation caused by a veil laying on my face. Pretty, but no dice.


Then I ever-so-briefly considered a chapel length veil. It had drama, but more easily contained drama than a cathedral, which is such out of control drama I'd totally fall on my face. Drama. However, because I'm getting married in a garden ceremony and the guest list is pretty small, I was a little worried a chapel veil would be too LOOK AT ME, MARVEL AT MY GRANDEUR.

I have some self-confidence issues pertaining to veils to work through.

Finally, I settled on waltz length. The reason? They're sometimes called ballet veils, which obviously meant I was supposed to buy one.

One thing I'll note is I decided all of this over the internet. I didn't buy my dress from a bridal store, which sort of precludes me from waltzing into one and trying on different veils with my dress. I'm sure they'd let me try on veils sans dress, but I really like the safety of shopping from my desk.

So of course I turned to the internet for purchasing. First of all, googling "wedding veil" nets you surprisingly crappy results. The few online retailers that appeared had such unsavory-looking sites, I nearly gave up there.

A couple of weeks ago, though, I was browsing through wedding links and came across Tigerlilly Jewelry. I knew they made sassy birdcage veils, but I didn't know they made traditional ones too. Their ordering process is pretty nifty and hassle-free. You choose the length, color, edging, and one or two layers. My ivory waltz veil arrived about 1.5 weeks after ordering, at a total of $60 with shipping.

I really like it... but I don't think this is waltz length! It hits right at my butt/fingertips, when I was expecting it to hit at about my knees. I'm perplexed.

What's your ideal veil length? More importantly, is there a consensus on how long a waltz veil should be? :)

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