Friday, March 19, 2010

and more cupcakes

It was a little cold after we stood outside in front of randomness, so we took shelter in a subway station.
That was my displeased face. Here's my happy face. Aw.
But as is wont to happen in a subway station, the familiar smell of pee became a bit too much and we headed out into the strangest park I've ever seen!
There were top hats. And person-shrinking dominoes.
Have you ever played the game Sorry? I hate that game. But alas, there was a Sorry piece too.
As our time with Shannon of Fromage Photography was drawing to a close, we stopped for one more treat: duh, cupcakes, at Philly Cupcake.
I loved this experience for two reasons: meeting Shannon, who is adorable, and getting comfortable in front of a camera. We acted as naturally as we can - we're pretty awkward folks - and it definitely seems to translate well in pictures. If you have a chance to do an engagement session, do it!

How did you decide to get engagement pictures?

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