Wednesday, February 10, 2010

non-lame first dance

I don't know how universal this experience is, but I once dated someone who read Pitchfork frequently. This is a site you read if you want to know about every obscure up and coming band and belittle others for their crappy musical choices. Basically.

The benefit of all of that is I have a decent music library now, filled with both standards and some indie stuff. And it's time to start thinking about first dance songs!

My fiance and I don't really have a song. There's a lot of songs we both like, but the closest thing to our song is probably Bitches Aint Shit. Oops.

So without further ado, a bunch of songs from our collections.

Here's one we found because of our DJ's monthly music lists.

And finally, a standard, with probably the best arrangement of this song.

We still haven't decided. I guess we should try dancing to some...

How are you choosing the first dance song?

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