Thursday, February 18, 2010

video jaded

Growing up, my dad had a side business in addition to his normal 9-5 job: he was a wedding videographer. This was back in the 90s when the whole concept was pretty nebulous and not nearly refined as it can be today. A standard video of his contained a photo montage of the couple at the beginning with the tear-inducing growing up pictures, then the bride and groom getting ready, ceremony, after-ceremony portraits, and reception highlights. These were not 10 minute video affairs. Oh heavens no.

I know so much about this because the computer my brother and I shared was in my dad's office with all of his editing equipment. I played computer games as a youngin, so I saw too many wedding videos. And montages. Enough to perhaps make me not want a video of my own wedding.

I should mention another "perk" of having this kind of dad is the sheer volume of videos featuring me. Maybe that scarred me, because I hate hate hate watching myself on videos. I don't at all identify with that person whose voice I don't recognize and makes funny faces that I'd never make. I basically have no interest in watching a video of myself.

With all that said, I understand the value. I like watching films of my older relatives. I may even get misty-eyed watching a stranger's wedding video. But I'm just not convinced I need something beyond an amateur taping of the ceremony.

Is videography your must-have or meh?

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  1. I'm just having a friend video for us. It would be nice to have a professional video done, but I guess I'd rather have good pictures taken than video.