Wednesday, April 28, 2010


At some crazy point in time I thought I'd do a candy buffet. With money and time dwindling, I decided to skip the project. My caterer provides a Viennese table with chocolates and cookies, so it ultimately felt like overkill, despite how much I love the concept.

I truly think favors are optional, but I have a friend in Bloomington who is quite the accomplished baker, between him and his partner. We talked about doing cheesecake pops dipped in chocolate, but realized they weren't the safest food to leave lying around. We mused over macarons and then laughed at how hard they are (props to all of you who are successful!). Today, they sent me different - and easier - cookie ideas and I knew we had found the perfect favor.

Whoopie pies. I've decided they're the Hoosier cousin of the macaron. No fussy aged yolks and oven doors cracked open under a full moon with the eye of newt, just straight forward cookie-cakes filled with frosting. Hells yes.

Would you be excited to get a whoopie pie? Do they make you go "Whoopieeeeee"?

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