Monday, April 12, 2010

wedding countdowns: don't remind me

I have a little confession: every time I see a post on the boards about wedding to-do lists or countdowns, I feel physically ill. My heart starts racing, I feel woozy and light-headed, and I look for a happier, less stressful post. I am in denial about my wedding date, people.

I have to-do lists scattered throughout my email inbox. Do I look at them anymore? No. I can't handle the reality of this impending date, where so many different variables have to come together, very expensive variables, I might add.

I'm not in freak-out territory yet. My wedding shower is this weekend and I've told myself to get down to brass tacks afterward. I'm not even doing DIY on the magnitude of so many other brides! I'm simply overwhelmed by the sheer amount of details and the giant deadline.

How do you deal with wedding lists and countdowns? Are you in denial like me or are you totally organized and prepared and if you are, tell me how!

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