Saturday, May 1, 2010

honoring my namesake

On Weddingbee I'm known as Ribbons, so I figured I should perhaps do a ribbon project.

Kirk and I decided to do a sweetheart table, so I wanted to hang something above our table, to denote it and add a little bit of interest to our room.

I liked the big tissue balls from a past MSW issue, but I wanted to do something different. I didn't document the whole process because I'm bad, but I bought the following materials:
  • 20 yards of ribbons in various colors, plus a "mega-roll" of low quality wide ribbon from Michael's
  • 3 embroidery hoops
  • twine
With a hot glue gun, I glued ribbons to the inner hoop of the embroidery hoops. Here's how they've turned out:
The idea is they'll hang at different heights and the last one will be solid light pink. It was really easy and fast, probably one of the most satisfying DIY projects I've done yet.

Do you have a favorite DIY project?