Sunday, May 2, 2010

gifts for the girls

When it came time to buy gifts for my bridesmaids, I really wanted to get them something lasting, like jewelry. But the more I looked and the more I thought about what I consider "lasting," I realized I was probably going to fail. There are very few pieces of jewelry I would consider classic for my personal style. So I felt way too pressured to find something perfect for their personalities.

If by some off chance either of my bridesmaids are reading, move along!

Instead of getting a piece of fine jewelry, I went the grab bag approach. The first thing I got for both of them was a bangle set.

Then I went the personal route. For bridesmaid T, who is a little boho, I got her a fun Tory Burch cosmetics bag, along with Clinique lipgloss and a complementing Essie polish.
For bridesmaid M, whose style I'd describe as classic all American, I got her a patent leather Kate Spade wristlet, stuffed with lipgloss and polish too.
Each of their gifts were about $100 total. I was really good about shopping sales and watching the clearances. I love both of the gifts and want them for myself, so hopefully they think the same!

Did you find it difficult picking out gifts for your bridesmaids?

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