Wednesday, May 12, 2010

getting down to the skivvies

Here's a doozy: my mom took me lingerie shopping. Not that I'm exactly into the sexed up stuff that would really embarrass me, but it was still a little strange picking out thongs with my mom.

To keep the experience light and not make my mom think I was a dominatrix, we stayed classy at Bloomingdale's. For some reason they were passing out champagne, which certainly helped along the whole experience. Our list was brief: one robe or cover-up and a bra and panty set for some unknown purpose on the honeymoon. Off topic: does your mom play dumb when there's any mention of sex, whether it's on TV or someone in person makes a reference? Because my mom does and it's the funniest crap. I digress.

My mom picked out the robe, a sweet 70s throwback in chiffon.

For the lingerie set, I picked out something on the subtle side. Remember, I was with my mom.
You can't tell from this picture, but there are bitsy glitter dots all over it, making it less of a snoozefest.

My mom was so very generous with the lingerie gifts, but my honeymoon bedtime wardrobe wasn't complete. I'm a big time believer in the romper, so I snatched one up from Target.
To top it all off, I dug through my underwear drawer and found all of the lingerie I've been too lazy to wear. Yes, I am too lazy to wear pretty underthings. I've promised myself that I will only pack those pieces in the honeymoon bag. Well, except for one or two pairs of cotton briefs for the plane ride and hiking day!

How have you handled your honeymoon lingerie? Any awkward familial involvement?

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