Thursday, May 13, 2010

booty ouch

Almost two weeks ago I started a new workout routine that I sort of believe in. That's pretty much the best endorsement exercise can get from me.

I read Gwyneth Paltrow's newsletter, GOOP, for the lols. Usually she's talking about the $900 boots you need for fall or her new diet that consists entirely of kale juice. But the other week she had a video created by her trainer, Tracy Anderson, that really intrigued me. To view it, click here.

Why do we care about Gwyneth "goop" Paltrow's workout? Because these are her legs:
Now that we're on the same page, I liked this workout for two reasons: it doesn't require any equipment, so I don't have to drag myself all the way down the hall to the gym. Secondly, as someone who took ballet all the way through college, her moves come very naturally to me. Nothing feels awkward or stilted like a lot of other exercise videos out there.

The first time I did the mat workout I was ready to die. My butt was sore to sit on. The GOOP newsletter mentioned doing dance cardio after the mat workout, but being an intrepid internet denizen, I managed to find a meager replacement, for free of course.

Apparently Miss Tracy is a promoter of dancing on a treadmill. If you have a giant house or a park nearby (and a lot of self-confidence), you can of course do all of these without a treadmill. But I lurve it. Skipping on a treadmill is so hard, I use running as a break from it.

Though the weight loss has been limited to a pound or two, I've noticed the lovely sore feeling in my butt all week and my arms look a little more defined. These are things I like. The only major drawback is you're expected to do these 6 times a week, which is pretty time consuming. I made it five days last week and twice this week, in addition to being totally incapable of doing her cardio for 45 minutes straight, so my results are on the wimpy side, I assume.

What's your favorite free workout source?

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