Sunday, November 8, 2009

wedding websites

So I just sort of finished my wedding website.

I still have to finish creating the Registry section (i.e. because I haven't registered..) but I wanted to get this out of the way so I could finish my save the dates.

Yes, as you can see, I abandoned the car from our faux monogram. I couldn't make it look not-wonky, so I abandoned it completely.

At first I intended to use a template from one of the wedding sites, but none matched our colors or feel. Every pink template had brown as an accent and I just didn't want to go there. As a fake communications professional, the first rule of branding is consistency. So I needed to find something with more customization but no html. I do not code.

Oh Google, thank you. Google Sites is absolutely all I needed. I chose a simple template, changed the background color, added my "logo" to the header. Then, like magic, it lets you edit pages as you seem them, typing directly on the site. It's lovely. When you want to add your "accommodations" page, you simply click "Add Page" at the top, and voila, you get to start a new page. Demon magic, for sure.

But you can't stop there. You need a domain name. I can never remember long or confusing sites, so my guests definitely wouldn't. Instead I purchased a short and sweet domain from Yeah, I feel guilty encouraging their stupid Super Bowl commercials. But we get the name for a year at the low, low price of $7.50.

The fun doesn't stop there. What am I doing with that domain name, for instance. Well, I'm forwarding it to my Google site page. And, in addition to forwarding, I'm "masking" the site, so it always shows my godaddy domain instead of the craptastic google one.

Are you making a wedding website? How did you decide to make it?

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