Saturday, November 21, 2009

prettifying the reception

As mentioned earlier, my reception space is pretty blah. One of my strategies to combat this is having 1 long banquet table, to create a prominent focal point.

This gives me an easy opportunity with the florals: instead of equally-sized centerpieces like the ones pictured above, I can have large and small and still create an impact.

The goal is too really draw the eye down to the table. The room is large - too large - for my 50 person reception, so the amount of "empty" space is going to be massive. In addition to the center area, where we'll have the table and dance floor, there's a whole upper level with a railing circling the entire room. The caterer suggested setting up food stations in these areas, but even so, I want most of the focus on a beautiful table.

I saw this in the summer issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. I loved the throwback feel but more importantly, another trick to bring the eye down. I'm still waiting to find out how or if I can hang things in our room, but if it's possible, I'd like to include these paper orbs, from Bulk Party Supplies. The effect would be something like this, from Style Me Pretty.

Finally, I want a photo-worthy section. While I'm toying with polaroids (which would ultimately be another post), I do want a natural spot guests gravitate to for pictures, preferably near the dance floor. How marvelous would this be?

The streamers are 12 feet long each and come in a pack of 12, so I think I would only need to buy two or three colors to cover A TON of wall. Ideally it'll cover an area that's a bit of an eyesore, perhaps the mini-stage.. Ew, mini-stage.

So those are my current decor plans for the reception venue, surely to be revised constantly.

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